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                                            Zhejiang Chuangji Electronics Co., LTD., founded in January 2003, is a professional research and development, productionProduction, sales, service in one of the modern technology enterprises, has passed the ISO9001:2008Quality, environment. Occupational health management system certification, GS certification, CE (EMC,LVD) certification Certificate, ROHS certification, etc., was rated as zhejiang Provincial science and technology enterprises, agricultural leading enterprises, is China China Agricultural Machinery Association green prevention and control branch of the vice - president of the unit. The company is now working with Germany Bosch Group (one of the world's top 100), Zhejiang University of Science and Technology...

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                                            Professional wins trust

                                            Zhejiang Chuangji electronics Co., LTD. Is a modern science and technology company specialized in research, production, sales and service Enterprise, is the current domestic professional production based on the Internet of Things technology intelligent, harmless prevention and control of advanced pest Equipment - based modern high-tech industry. Warmly welcome customers at home and abroad to visit our company, Establish a win-win partnership to expand the global market.

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